Apple iPhone 13 Series Features

Apple iPhone 13 Series Features

so, the Apple iPhone 13 series is nearly official so we have four devices coming in iPhone 13 mini iPhone 13 iPhone 13 pro, and, iPhone 13 pro max

in terms of display and design, all of them are getting a small notch which is not really small like it is large in terms of height but, small in terms of thickness the earpiece is on top,

and face ID remains intact Apple use retina display and, this time it is a 120-hertz promotion in pro variants with ceramic protection on top

so, if you ignore that notch it is an amazing one the non-pro iPhone 13 variants have got a 60-hertz display, which is something you should skip like it is 2021 and 60-hertz display something, I won’t suggest

if you are paying that much amount many games support 120 fps but again iOS is so smooth even 60 hertz feel decent in animations and, all the face ID might get new hardware that works with mask and foggy glasses on

so, there’s no touch ID but they’ll do some changes in face ID

so that you can unlock your device even when you have a mask on

Apple iPhone 13 Series Features

Apple iPhone 13 series Software

Apple iPhone 13 Series Features

software plays a huge role in iOS 15 inside which got tons of new features like 3D maps new emojis privacy settings where you can control and, give access to the applications you want new widgets

Patreon audio focus mode privacy dashboard and whatnot the iPhone 13

series is also getting an always-on display with me emojis like faces so it’s going to look good for sure

I must say Apple got this stable iOS with five to six years of software support also if, there come any bugs or issues, they fix them asap so, my experience with iOS was amazing

the iPhone 13 lineup is coming with a 15 bionic CPU based on tsmc’s 5

nm plus fabrication process set to offer 15 to 20 percent lower power consumption and, will be a lot powerful than last year’s silicon

iPhone 12 pro max with a 14 when playing games or shooting 4k 60 fps so the same will be the case with iPhone 13 series the CPU has a direct impact on battery life but with iOS optimization and, new 120 hertz it will go decent that’s for sure not to mention

iPhone 13 Battery Features

we have large batteries now so the iPhone 12 mini had a really small 22 27 MAH battery

the iPhone 13 mini is getting a 2406 MAH power the iPhone 12 and, 12 pro had 28 15 mah battery

the 13 and, 13 pro are getting 1395 mah battery so as always they are keeping the same size for pro and standard variant finally

the iPhone 13 pro max gets a massive 4352 mah battery that’s almost 670 mah more than what we saw in the iPhone 12 pro max, along with 25 watts not so fast charging with 15 watts same old max.

Apple iPhone 13 series Camera Features

cameras the modules are now getting massive diagonal camera layout

on mini and standard which may look like new hardware but, it is not the sensor-shift stabilization it’s coming to all devices six-element lens on a super-wide camera

which might help to take some nice shots and overall small enhancement fixes or last year’s cameras, so not many huge changes

but there are some software features like extra photography mode and, portrait mode videos slider that will help in focusing when in low light

so, a small change is a move towards perfection all got ip68 rewards wireless charging the higher models may even see satellite communication hardware, which might come handy when there is no

network no 5g or 4g there is QUALCOMM’s 5g chip and wi-fi 6c so small quality changes and this specification do sounds great so, is the

pricing because we are not seeing any changes in that best part is 64 gigs variant is no more and we have 128 gigs based, in all

Apple iPhone 13 series Pricing

what’s shocking is Apple will be launching a 1TB variant which

may cost $1799

so pro max really expensive guys the bronze and orange color new silicon cases coming in

Apple will also be launching watch series 7 and air pod’s third-generation so, I am really excited

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