Corsair Mouse wireless 2021 features

Corsair Mouse wireless 2021 features

Corsair Mouse wireless 2021 features 20-21 was a big year for the gaming mass market and, we saw a couple of pretty noticeable trends depending on what type of games you play

and your mouth choice can have anywhere from pretty minor all the way to an extremely significant impact on your performance

for example, if you play a lot of first-person shooters then your choice of the mouse will directly influence your aim which is obviously a big deal

I want to go over five different options from Corsair and hopefully, I can give you some insight that would help you choose the one that would work best for you

I say this about every piece of gear whether it’s a mouse or keyboard a monitor or camera doesn’t matter when you’re choosing something for yourself go beyond simply looking at the top five lists,

we each have different size hands we grip the mouse differently and we have different preferences

so, get some ideas and then incorporate your personal experience when you’re actually choosing

I’m going to cover the dark or RGB SE or special edition the iron claw RGB wireless the knight sword RGB the m55 RGB Pro and, the glaive RGB pro

I think these give you a pretty good feel for the range of options from Corsair

the dark or RGB see which is the special edition version of the dark core RGB that means that it has all the same features with the added bonus of qi wireless charging and, I love that because in this case Wireless actually means Wireless

so, I can use the mouse and charge it without having to worry about a micro USB cable on my desk, but all this Wireless talk doesn’t really matter

if it’s not coupled with performance so sure if you’re just doing work or you’re casually playing

it might not make a big difference but, if you’re a competitive gamer you have better performance and you’re not going to want to deal with any type of input lag

Corsair Mouse wireless 2021 features

Dark Core SE Corsair Mouse

Dark Core SE Corsair Mouse

Corsair Mouse wireless 2021 features

the dark core SE uses an ultra-fast 1 millisecond 2.4 gigahertz connection for the best performance, you also have the option for low latency Bluetooth connectivity, and of course, you can use it in Wired mode

this Mouse uses a 16,000 optical dpi sensor it has 9 programmable buttons and it weighs a hundred and, twenty-eight grams most of the mouse is covered with matte plastic

but the thumb rest and the back of the mouse are covered with this textured soft bumpy surface and, it reminds me of what you get on the coarser keyboard wrist rests

but it’s definitely a different pattern I like this material because it prevents my hand from sliding off the back of the mouse,

it also helps channel some air under my hand to keep my hand cooler during long sessions in terms of ergonomics

I really like the longer shape of this mouse again from my grip I feel like it supports my palm really well has a pretty nice arch to it overall

I like the understated use of RGB we have the logo and the texture portion of the mouse and, also some accents around the wheel the sniper button and then two more stripes in the back of the IQ

the software allows you to switch between different RGB modes

you know the deal controlling assigned different functions to the button then you can store up to

three profiles using the onboard memory

now going back to the SE version with wireless charging I wanted to tell you about

this mouse with the MM 1000 Qi wireless charging mouse pad which would let you charge the dark or by placing it on the charging zone but, let’s just say there was an incident and now I charge it using my tilt charging pad all right

next, we’re going to talk about another wireless option the iron claw RGB wireless aesthetically

Corsair Mouse wireless 2021 features

The Iron Claw RGB wireless Corsair Mouse

The Iron Claw RGB wireless Corsair Mouse

Corsair Mouse wireless 2021 features

this mouse is a little more aggressive with sharper and more pronounced side buttons the mouse

is designed for palm grips or for larger hands and, the sculpted contoured shape makes it quite comfortable during long sessions

so, if you’re someone with bigger hands you feel like smaller options just aren’t right for you this

is definitely something that you should check out the majority of the mouse is matte with a softer plastic

the dark core and actually like the additional grip eons of this surface it really feels nice to hold the left and, the right sides of the ankle all have a harder and textured area which add to the stability and overall, even for someone with a larger hand

this mouse was very comfortable it’s not the lightest Mouse in the world that weighs

a hundred and thirty grams and if you want three fewer buttons and to give up the wireless functionality

you can just go for the wired option which weighs in at a hundred and five grams the optical

the sensor is a custom PicsArt pmw 33 91 native 18,000 dpi and it’s adjustable in one dpi resolution steps you can customize it to work best for how you play you can also program three dpi

defaults so you can easily switch between them without having to go into the software

another cool feature is you can run a surface calibration tuning utility to automatically tailor

responsiveness and precision based on your unique playing surface there are 10 fully programmable buttons that let you use powerful macros Kiri maps and all

this can be programmed using the IQ software

the software also lets you control the three RGB lighting zones the mouse has onboard memory

allows you to store three different profiles the wheel is wider than what we saw in the dark core which gives it an overall more substantial feel

but it’s actually a little looser to turn from a conductivity standpoint you have three options you can use Corsairs slipstream technology which corsair says delivers 1-millisecond responsiveness and frequency shift to prevent the type of connection interference

you can also connect using low latency Bluetooth with up to 50 hours of battery life and then of course like I said before you can use it with the provided braided USB cable for Wired mode which lets you keep playing while you’re charging and these three options are controlled using this toggle on the bottom overall

if you’re looking for a very comfortable Mouse for palm grips and for users with larger

hands if you’re looking for super-fast wireless connectivity at a mid-range price check out the iron claw RGB wireless

Corsair Mouse wireless 2021 features

The Knight Sword RGB Corsair Mouse

The Knight Sword RGB Corsair Mouse

Corsair Mouse wireless 2021 features

this is a wired mouse again we have an 18,000-dpi sensor 10 programmable buttons, but in terms of form factor we have somewhat of a combo between the dark core and the iron cloth we got a

little more GB that we saw in the first two months and I like that Corsair used this perforated grid to add some depth and, texture to the light Corsair also added a precise weight calibration

a system that consists of two sets of weight and six mounting locations

so, we have three two-point eight-gram weights and three four-point five-gram weights

if you do the math that comes out to a hundred and twenty different weight and balanced configurations and they start at a hundred and nineteen grams

so, you’ll be able to use Corsairs patent-pending software to detect the mouse’s center of gravity in real-time and then fine-tune the bounds to perfectly fit your grip night sword is a little less arched than the iron claw

it’s a little larger and longer than the dark core and with a different but similarly streamlined custom button design mouse buttons wanted to use a matte finish just like the dark core and

then it transitions to a nicely textured and softer back the wheel is similar in size to the iron claw

but with a deep bossed rather than embossed textured grip I like the additional clicking us

of the rotation in terms of control and I felt that pressing the wheel down required a level of pressure that was more comfortable for me without resulting in any unintentional clicks the thumb rest offers the same texture

we saw on the back of the mouse and a combination of the two resulted in a very stable grip each of the ten programmable buttons can be a sign of function using IQ to perform a macro or any other keypress functions that you select with default settings one of the buttons is a sniper button which will instantly lower your DPI and zooms in to make it easier for you to acquire and hit your target overall

this is a very good mouse for the price it offers comfortable performance and it’s definitely customizable

Corsair Mouse wireless 2021 features

The M55 RGB Pro Corsair Mouse
The M55 RGB Pro Corsair Mouse

Corsair Mouse wireless 2021 features

this one is a little different with the m55 corsair decided to implement a flared out and be

dexterous designed so that everyone gets to experience the same level of comfort we have two identical side buttons on each side of the wheel and a customized DPI switch button at the top

the m55 is super light way in at only 86 grams and it has eight programmable buttons and to

RGB zones I really like the look of this Mouse the shimmering white surface looks really nice with the gray buttons and the textured side panel as far as background lighting as

I mentioned is fairly limited use of RGB with the logo on the back and the mode indicator at

the top of the wheel has a honeycomb texture to it which provides plenty of traction and I like the amount of tension this wheel requires to press overall the mouse was fairly comfortable to use after a slight adjustment period to the flaring out in the back obviously

it’s a completely different feel than the first three mice that we discussed and it’s almost weightless by comparison this makes it a great travel Mouse you can just chuck it in your bag and take it with you the white surface has a nice feel to it and the side panels add to the stability and control

the m55 uses a twelve thousand four hundred dpi optical sensor and we also have onboard memory so the DPI and lighting settings will be retained across devices regardless of whether or not you’re running the IQ software overall this is a good option for the price you’re getting an

ambidextrous design good performance a very clean look

the last month I want to look at is the glaive RGB pro which has a nicely contoured arch that was extremely comfortable to use I wasn’t sure how these two side buttons would play out because of the cutout design

but the position is excellent so they were right where I expected them to be there are a total of three interchangeable magnetic grips and I was really surprised at just how much of a difference going from the smallest even to the medium-sized one made I kept going back and forth between

the medium one and the largest option and at the end it was a coin flip about which one I preferred we’re back to using an 18,000 dpi pix rpm w-30 391 optical sensors for consistently high accuracy and the DPI settings can be adjusted using the IQ software in increments of 1

so again you can pick exactly the setting that works best for you and how you play there are a total of 7 fully programmable buttons which again using the IQ software you can set to perform macros you can also select your favorite RGB lighting pattern with the 3 zone system aesthetically

I really like the aluminum and plastic construction and the fact that there are no glossy surfaces I know it’s a personal preference but that’s what I like right now

the wheel features aluminum construction and I like how wide and texture it is it’s probably my favorite wheel of the 5 in terms of feel and rotation as with the other options we can save everything from dpi macros and lighting settings to the onboard profiles

so, we can continue to use the glaive on other devices while maintaining our preferences I like this because I can easily move from my main desktop to my laptop and finally to my editing station without having to have IQ installed on altering

Corsair Mouse wireless 2021 features

The glaive RGB Corsair Mouse
The glaive RGB Corsair Mouse
Corsair Mouse wireless 2021 features

Glaive RGB weighs 115 grams which put it somewhere near the middle of the pack and it’s

actually, surprisingly light for a mouse that felt longer and more substantial there are five DPI settings, and, the top of the glade features dpi up and down buttons with five LED indicators showing you which options you’ve selected

you can also use surface calibration and IQ to further customize the sensor for the particular surface that we’re using and, to improve performance overall this is a good all-around Mouse it works great for different hand sizes and different grips

I like the modular approach to the thumb grip the onboard profiles additional dpi settings and, the ability to calibrate it for my unique surface

Corsair Mouse wireless 2021 features

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