Have a Copyright Claim REMOVE it by doing this!

Have a Copyright Claim? REMOVE it by doing this!

Have a Copyright Claim? REMOVE it by doing this! So, you got a copyright claim and your video is currently being demonetized what the heck are you doing, honestly are you going and stealing others.

People’s content because if, you are it’s all good I did the exact same thing and I’m not talking about the whole entire video,

I’m just talking about maybe some clips here and there but the best way to fix this.

Have a Copyright Claim? REMOVE it by doing this!

How I’ve dealt with copyright claims in the past.

Have a Copyright Claim? REMOVE it by doing this!

I had a bunch of movie clips and also some images as well and I have to say that whenever I uploaded videos about, marvel Disney owns marvel.

Basically was always cool with it they always were the company that would let you upload anything,

you wanted to if you uploaded like an entire trailer to your channel then, that’s when you’re going to get demonetize and that makes total sense because,

If you’re just taking somebody else’s content to a content creator or even a company and you’re just uploading it on your channel, honestly you have no sympathy for me.

I hope you get completely take-off of YouTube as for warner brothers the ones who owned dc,

They were such a pain to deal with because whenever you had even just a little the one-second clip of batman,

in a video were you talking about batman they would literally demonetize the entire video, they would copyright claim it they would.

Make sure they get all that ad revenue that, I was generating from that video which most of the time whenever it came to dc stuff.

It almost never generated any views for my channel so honestly, it wasn’t really that big of a deal, I do want to let you know that you do have a couple of options here.

Have a Copyright Claim? REMOVE it by doing this!

How you can get rid of this copyright claim

Have a Copyright Claim? REMOVE it by doing this!

so you can monetize that video again and start earning the revenue that you should be earning on that video.

Have a Copyright Claim? REMOVE it by doing this!

Trim out that specific part of your video

Have a Copyright Claim? REMOVE it by doing this!

Honestly this is something that I personally would do if this was a problem for my channel, currently where YouTube allows you to go into your video so,

You can specifically see where the copyrighted material literally is and for my video right here specifically what,

I would do there unfortunately is just cut out that segment of the video if monetization is that important to you and,

you want to get rid of that copyright claim, that’s the first option though you have a couple more as well.

Have a Copyright Claim REMOVE it by doing this!
2. Mute that part of the video

Have a Copyright Claim? REMOVE it by doing this!

This isn’t specific right here that’s not an option here however that might be for you because,

If You have a specific part of your video, where you’re just playing some music that you personally do not own well guess,

what companies can go in there and they can copyright claim your video just if,

You use that song for even just a couple seconds what you can do is YouTube also allows,

you go in there after you upload the video already it already has a copyright claim,

Then You can go in and mute that part of the video so you won’t be just muting the background music but,

you also will be muting yourself in that video so, sometimes it’s better to just trim it out if it’s that important to you.

Have a Copyright Claim? REMOVE it by doing this!

3. Stop using other people’s music and clips and images in your video

Have a Copyright Claim? REMOVE it by doing this!

So I know exactly what a lot of you guys are, going through you’re like hey I need to use this for b-roll or maybe,

I need to use this specific music to emphasize a point or whatever it is honestly, the best way to go forward here is to just stop using it altogether and,

I know that might be difficult but you really just need to think about this now if, I was somebody that was doing a channel like my older channel well guess what I would probably go in there and,

if, I was going to make a video on whatever warner brothers would claim.

I’m honestly not going to use any music from them, I’m honestly not going to use any images or clips that warner brothers owns because,

I’m just going to get the entire video claim and, it’s just not worth making if I’m not going to be able to monetize the video,

If that’s your main source of revenue which it shouldn’t be at the end of the day but, if it is that’s totally your choice,

You just need to be familiar with the companies that are commonly going to copyright claim your videos and,

which companies are totally cool with you using all their stuff.

But I will add another option within option number three and that’s basically just, to stop making content on this specific topic altogether so if

I was basically making content on my old channel, I would just stop making videos on say dc comics and, all that honestly at the end of the day if,

your whole goal is to monetize every single video and, never get copyright claims you probably should just avoid making those videos, to begin with.

Because the company is saying to you that, every single video you make we are going to a copyright claim this video, and honestly,

I think one of the best courses of action is basically just to not make videos on that specific topic within your channel.

I do want to give you another perspective on this which is basically just the creator’s perspective when it comes to copyright claims and,

honestly claiming other people’s videos that is basically just using your entire video because.

I have to say I looked into this on my channel and, I didn’t even realize there are channels that are literally just re-uploading my videos so,

what you can do here is you can literally just go right into copyright and, you can see all the different videos that literally have a channel copyright for my specific content.

You can see that those basically list what the video is what the video is match with then,

you can see how many views they’re uploading this video when it was upload and then what channel upload it and 

they’ll tell you exactly how much of the video was copyright or at least as a match and  you can see all these videos are 100 matches for my channel,

so clearly all these channels they’re just re-uploading my videos so if you’re a big you tuber story and that’s your channel,

or I think there’s even more than that and there’s just a ton of more channels here.

But I really want to show you exactly the different options too that you can take if your videos are just uploaded on other channels.

Have a Copyright Claim? REMOVE it by doing this!

 4. So first you can just go right over here and, you can see moved archive they have request video removal and then contact channels.

Have a Copyright Claim? REMOVE it by doing this!

So, you can contact the channel if you want and honestly just give them a warning be like hey I’m going to copyright claim this video or,

I’m going to basically try to give you a copyright strike and claim your video whatever it is

I’m going to try to come after you if you don’t stop uploading these videos or if you don’t delete them and,

you can give them like a little bit a couple of days, that’s probably the best course of action at first but

I will say if they just don’t take down the videos then go right over here and just do request video removal,

go through that entire process and you will most likely win especially,

If it’s a hundred percent of your video you already have the video right here and, they have which content is yours and,

you just have to go through this entire process basically all your information

and then you have removal options and agreements send a seven-day notice or you can do a request removal.

Now since I’ve already waited so long and I’ve already asked and contacted the channel to take down the video,

I’m just going to request removal now and then you just have to go through and just accept all the legal agreements and, sign the document,

now copyright claims are not fun and, getting your channel demonetized or even your videos demonetized can lead to you basically making no money on

AdSense but AdSense isn’t the only way to make money, on YouTube and honestly in my opinion, you need to diversify your income.

Have a Copyright Claim REMOVE it by doing this!
Have a Copyright Claim REMOVE it by doing this!

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