How Does Discord Make Money

How Does Discord Make Money?

How Does Discord Make Money? Today I’ll be revealing the mystery of how discord makes its money.

Discord the company was valued at 3.5 billion with an estimated revenue of 120 million for the whole year. 

The question is how does the platform which is free in its most basic form generate this much revenue.

Let’s kick this investigation off with the biggest source of revenue for discord which is nitro and,

server boosting nitro is essentially the premium subscription version of discord that comes in the regular nitro option or more stripped-down version

the nitro classic server boost improved the user’s experience on specific servers for all members a great way to contribute to an online community both discord nitro and,

server boosting comes in the form of monthly subscriptions.

Cosmetic items on discord cosmetic upgrades and, items like emojis skins sticker packs and sound packs don’t offer any practical use but

they enhance the user’s experience to feel more creatively involved in the online communities popular free to play online games,

such as Fortnite or cs go cosmetic items are big to be earned in those games.

so that’s a brief into how the online communication platform discord makes its money

How Does Discord Make Money?

What is Discord?

How Does Discord Make Money?

First, let’s take a closer look at discord and what it is discord is a voice video and, text communication service it was founded by Jason citron and stan Vishinski

who both shared a love for video games growing up and, wanted to solve the problem

of how to communicate with friends around the world while playing video games.

Discord was founded in 2012 and in 2015 stan and, Jason started to bring discord to the world

the company is located in potrero hill a little neighborhood in San Francisco California

the application is available across multiple platforms including android iPhone mac Xbox PlayStation and pc.

the company has grown to boast 100 plus million monthly active users 13.5 million active servers per week

and, 4 billion server conversation minutes every single day

currently, the company isn’t publicly trading however rumors of potential stock IPO (initial public offering),

have been swirling for some time as of now they haven’t publicly announced a plan to go public.

How does Discord make money?

How Does Discord Make Money

Today I’ll be revealing How Does Discord Make Money? Discord uses a subscription model in combination with an app purchase to drive revenue the company makes money,

from selling its nitro subscription packages which enhances a user’s.

And Discord experience by adding better emojis bigger file uploads and HD video along with other advanced perks nitro sells for either 9.99 per month, or for a yearly fee of 99.99

in addition to nitro discord also offers nitro classic which offers the chat enhancements minus the server boosts for 4.99 per month or,

49.99 for the year in addition to the revenue brought in by nitro subscriptions.

So Discord also makes money from selling server boosts and,

from game purchases made on its platform game developers can self-publish games on discord

and get ninety percent of the sales while discord charges ten percent of the revenue attempting a value proposition for game developers,

who want to tap into discord’s huge gaming audience.

the revenue model is still being fully developed as the company has taken a no-ad policy

as well as standing firm against selling user data something their users appreciate

but, has also limited their revenue potential up to this point.

How Does Discord Make Money?

How much does discord make per year?

with the current business model discord’s yearly revenue has grown year over a year starting at an estimated 5 million dollars in 2016 to 120 million dollars, in 2020.

Where does that leave discord’s current valuation?

Thanks to rounds of funding discord have raised point 379.3 million dollars, in venture capital to date these are figures which CrunchBase shared

which included 100 million dollars during June’s latest funding round this gives discord a current valuation of 3.5 billion dollars.

discord’s business and revenue model if you enjoyed learning more about how discord makes money.

How Does Discord Make Money
How Does Discord Make Money

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