How Much Do You Get Paid for Your YouTube Shorts?

How Much Do You Get Paid for Your YouTube Shorts?

YouTube shorts monetization has arrived. How Much Do You Get Paid for Your YouTube Shorts? Furthermore, several creators have already received their first bonus pay-outs. So, how much money did they make from the $100 million funds?

How Much Do You Get Paid for Your YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts monetization now allows creators to earn bonus pay-outs.

How Much Do You Get Paid for Your YouTube Shorts?

Really, for not much money, you get a lot of views. So, thanks to YouTube, everything came together quite quickly in the end. They announced at the beginning of August that they would begin paying money from their YouTube Shorts Creator Fund.

Creators will be contacted between the eighth and the tenth of the month, according to YouTube. So, fingers crossed for September if you haven’t received anything yet.

Allow me to share some of her experiences with those creators who were fortunate enough to compensate.

First of all, the email. This is how it appears, with the extra amount, instructions on how to claim it, and when it expires. Make sure any communications you receive about YouTube Shorts bonus payments are legitimate, as I explained earlier.

It looks something like this, and either has a or email address.

You must accept the YouTube shorts Fund redemption terms and conditions in order to claim the bonus.

This is significant because it distinguishes between the YouTube partner program, AdSense monetization, and this new kind of incentive payments via YouTube shorts.

It makes no difference whether you’ve already joined the YouTube partner program.

It doesn’t matter if your YouTube channel is monetized or not.

Everyone will accept this condition. This will also assist you in setting up and connecting an AdSense account to your YouTube channel, as well as inform you when the shorts payment will come.

After you’ve completed all of these steps, you should receive the following final confirmation email.

Then there was the $200 from the 7 million views, so it was a really straightforward scenario.

Let me emphasize that none of this should be taken as fact because we don’t have all of the information and it is based on the experiences of the founders.

How Much Do You Get Paid for Your YouTube Shorts
Let me explain what I mean.

How Much Do You Get Paid for Your YouTube Shorts?

We don’t know. He is at 7 million views all came from shorts traffic,

The location of the viewers has an impact on each payer.

That might explain why this creator got a hundred dollars more from 2 million fewer views, but there’s also a complication to add to this

because the creator admits their most popular video had copyrighted music on it. This brings us back to this figure, $2,300

from 130 million views. It almost sounds a little pathetic, doesn’t it?

If his 130 million views were regular YouTube views, you’d be looking to attract tens of thousands of dollars. AdSense revenue alone may be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But on the other hand, nobody was earning anything from shorts content this time last month. And they also admitted to using copyrighted music.

This is fascinating in and of itself since it reveals two things. Assuming these are copyright claims rather than strikes, you’re not going to barred from a YouTube short bonus payment.

But at the same time, you’re not going rewarded for those views from content with copyrighted material on it.

Copyrighted content, on the other hand, is the least of their concerns for other YouTube artists. It doesn’t matter how many points of view you have if you don’t live in one of these countries.

You’re not making a dime, much to the chagrin of his creator, who lives in New Zealand and has 7 million YouTube video views.

Then there’s this creator who received a bonus payment notification, but they can’t claim it since they don’t live in the nation, they specified in their YouTube settings.

This is why you should never deceive YouTube. It always comes back to bite you. However, there are situations when you do everything correctly and YouTube still bites you.

When a creator claims the YouTube shorts bonus, YouTube removes them from the YouTube partner program, according to this sad creator.

This appears to have happened to multiple authors, but from what I’ve heard, the issue has been rectified or will resolve very soon for those affected.

Unfortunately, for other creators, this extra payment option has arrived a little late.

Some channels were getting millions of monthly short views earlier this year, but they haven’t been able to keep up the pace.

I guess that’s increasing competition for you then, although strictly speaking, there are no minimum requirements for a YouTube short’s payments, many creators have been trying to figure out what they would really need to reach that $100 minimum pay-out.

Those who are receiving bonus payments all appear to be well-establish creators with thousands of subscribers, if not more.

In terms of monthly views, a figure in the low millions suggests that you would be eligible for payment.

Although one of the creators I saw claimed to have received less than a million dollars. And keep in mind that none of this is true; it’s just what I’m hearing on the YouTube feed.

We must also keep in mind that these incentive payments are now only offered to a small number of countries.

My guess is that as more people become eligible for these benefits, the bar will continue to rise. But we’ve only discussed the minimal payment thus far.

How Much Do You Get Paid for Your YouTube Shorts?

What about pay the maximum amount of money?

How Much Do You Get Paid for Your YouTube Shorts?

Is there anyone who has received $10,000?

You know there’s only one person I’m going to check in with, to answer this question.

Last month, Jake Fellman’s 3D animation films received over 600 million views. Even yet, it wasn’t enough to get him the entire bonus. He came close, but he fell short of the cap.

This brings me to my final questions,

How Much You Get Paid for Your YouTube Shorts?

Did any creative meet the $10,000 barrier for a monthly YouTube bonus pay-out if Jake Fellman couldn’t?

How Much Do You Get Paid for Your YouTube Shorts?

How Much Do You Get Paid for Your YouTube Shorts?
How Much Do You Get Paid for Your YouTube Shorts?

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