How to Get Free Windows 11 Now?

How to Get Free Windows 11 Now?

You don’t have to wait until the end of 2021 to get windows 11 you can install it right now; I’ll show you How to Get Free Windows 11 Now? how you can install windows 11 on your computer right now

you don’t actually have to wait for the general release that comes out later in 2021

How to Get Free Windows 11 Now?

Number One Search for Microsoft Windows 11

How to Get Free Windows 11 Now?

How to Get Free Windows 11 Now? go to a browser and do a search for Microsoft Windows 11.

scroll down and you’ll see an entry upgrade to the new Windows 11 OS from Microsoft

this is Microsoft’s main page that talks about the installation news and information about windows 11.

Scroll down to about the bottom of this screen and, you’ll see an area that says get a ready check for compatibility there’ll be an option coming soon

where you can do a pc health check for your system to make sure you meet the minimum requirements

Microsoft made this available then they took it down because they’re making modifications to it so, if it’s there uses it to run and check your compatibility if it’s not there then there’s another option

but take a look here at the minimum system requirements just be aware you need a minimum of a one gigahertz processor that has to be 64 bit and, it has to be two or more cores.

you need four GB of ram 64 Giga storage it has to have UEFA and secure boot capable firmware

it needs TM 2.0 and that’s the one that gets people a lot because if you got a system that’s older by about four years, it probably does not have that TM 2.0

it also needs to have a DirectX 12 or greater graphics card and it needs to be greater than nine inches for the screen,

you need an internet connection in order to do the installation at least the first time

so if you meet those requirements and, you pass the pc health check app then you’re good to go and you can install windows 11 and use it from this point forward.

when the general release comes out it’ll update and, you’ll be set since the pc health check app is not currently available from this site there is an alternative so let’s go back to a search and let’s look for GitHub windows 11

and the first entry that comes up here says GitHub with this why not win 11.

if you click on that that opens up the GitHub page click on the latest available version and then scroll down  toward the bottom

and you’ll see this why not win11exe go ahead and, click on that and do the installation of that file go ahead and open it and here is your windows 11 compatibility results

it does take a minute for the DirectX to come up so give that a little bit of time and, you can see that you will have green on all of the locations except for the CPU compatibility so if you have

anything other than solid green you may be able to go ahead and move forward with the windows 11 installation

but you might be forced back to windows 10 when Windows 11 comes out for the general release to the public

How to Get Free Windows 11 Now?

Number two backup image

How to Get Free Windows 11 Now?

if your pc meets all the minimum requirements for windows 11, then you really don’t need to do this step

because you’ll be able to move forward into the general release with an automatic update and you’ll stay on windows 11 and, everything will be fine

How to Get Free Windows 11 Now?

however, if you have a system that does not meet the minimum system requirements, in any category Microsoft is going to force you to reinstall windows 10 once the release of Windows 11 comes out

what I’d prefer to do is go ahead and make a backup image of my current system before I do the windows 11 update and that way, I can restore it once the release comes out if I need to

so, the steps to do that is to just go down to your search type in the control panel, and, when that’s

available from the menu click on it to open it up go into the system and, security and select backup and restore windows 7.

now this feature was available in windows 7. they remove it in windows 10 and they brought it back because people complain so,

it’s still available and it’s available in the control panel in windows 11 so that you can do a restore the first thing we’re going to do is create a system image and

plug in an SSD one terabyte drive, for  backup but you can also use a thumb drive or any other device

that can store enough disk space to make a backup copy of your image once you select that hard drive, just hit next it’ll bring up all the system files that need to back up and you can start the backup

and, when it’s done it’s going to ask you if you want to create a system repair disk then click no that actually requires a DVD writer

How to Get Free Windows 11 Now?

but since you’re going to have windows 11 running you can actually trigger this restore from within windows 11.

and, the backup is complete so close that now when you look at your drives, you’ll see that you have a backup SSD on d drive and there’s the windows image

How to Get Free Windows 11 Now?

Number three Install Windows 11.

How to Get Free Windows 11 Now

to install windows 11 from a windows 10 machine come down to the search and, type in insider that brings up the windows insider program settings

Click on that it does a quick check and tells you that you need to turn on the optional diagnostics data so, click this link and enable that option

now come back into insider again it’s going to do a quick check of your system go ahead and, click get started you’ll need to link to an account so hit the plus there and to choose Microsoft account hit continue

now it gives you three options for the development channel the beta channel or, the release preview channel currently you can access windows 11

through the dev channel or through the beta channel it’s not in the release preview channel yet but it should be soon and, it’ll move to the general release once Windows 11 is released to the general public,

for now, go ahead and pick the beta channel and hit confirm again and restart to make the transition after you return to windows you’ll see that it’s still in Windows 10, but if you come down here and type in insider

and open up the windows insider program you can see now that you’re listed in the beta channel

and the only thing you need to do in order to update to windows 11 at this point is to go to your windows updates check for updates and, it will begin downloading the windows 11 insider preview

if this is your first time with your Microsoft account getting added into the insider preview you may get prompted for some additional setup instructions and, it may take 24 hours in order to get

approved to be in the windows insider program so, to get to this point you may have to answer a few additional questions

now go ahead and restart again and it’ll begin the install of the windows insider preview after the reboot you can see it’s still going to take quite a while to do the install of the windows 11, update

so you can let that run in the background and it’ll prompt you more than once to do a reboot, just keep running the windows update until it finishes loading all the different drivers and you will boot back into Windows 11.

now back into windows and guess what it’s windows 11.

you can even see the start menu in the new Windows 11, format if you take a look under the settings

and windows update you can see it’s still in the process of doing updates for windows 11, so you can plan for an hour two hours to get this whole process complete

Number four General Release

How to Get Free Windows 11 Now?

there is no official word from Microsoft what the release date will be for windows 11, but there are some rumors traveling around in vendor circles that suggest it may be around the latter part of October 2021.

you can join the newsletter to find out more information about when the release date, will be outgoing to that link that You looked at earlier for windows 11.

select this upgrade to new windows 11 OS and just above the getting ready area that we looked at earlier, with the system requirements, there’s an option right here to sign up for the newsletter

so that you can be among the first to learn about Windows 11, release date, and more until then there’s no reason why you can’t install windows 11

and start using it right now in the beta or dev channels I’ve been using windows 11, for about a month in the windows insider preview and

I can say it looks pretty good so, I think you’ll be set if you start using it today How to Get Free Windows 11 Now?

How to Get Free Windows 11 Now?
How to Get Free Windows 11 Now

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