Make Money Online Reddit

Make Money Online Reddit

Today My Topic is Make Money Online Reddit. I believe you can make money online up to a hundred dollars per day maybe even more step by step so, that’s what we’re going to talk about today

so, the first thing is Clickbank if you’re not familiar I just tell you that Clickbank is an affiliate marketing network where you can find all kinds of products all kinds of things, that you want to promote

keep in mind Clickbank is one of those places where a lot of quality products but there are some that are high-quality that you can definitely take advantage of and, make money with

now when it comes to getting traffic to making money with Reddit. it is a great place, that you can actually start to get some good quality traffic

Make Money Online Reddit

Make Money Online Reddit

Wikipedia says Reddit is an American social news aggregation and web content rating and discussion website if, you’ve been to Reddit before

but it’s a place where people come together with a bunch of different interests and those different interests are called subreddit and, those are different groups with different interests right

so, what’s really nice about it is that you can target people for a specific niche that you’re looking for based on the subreddit, that they’re in

because obviously, they wouldn’t be in that subreddit discussing things and leaving comments on things

they weren’t interested in that particular topic so that’s what makes Reddit pretty cool and there’s a lot of high-quality traffic that you can get from there and, the whole idea is to use Reddit to help rank or get traffic to your content

which then will take people from your content to your solution or to the product or, whatever it is that you are promoting

so you know what I’m going to share with you is what I discovered is some of the strategies that some people are using to make this work for them to make money on Clickbank, up to $100 per day

and even more, using the strategies that I’m going to share with you right now step-by-step you can utilize them

Step one

Make Money Online Reddit

starts off with choosing a niche or product you have to figure out what you’re going to promote your three top niches would be health and, wellness wealth, and money

and, then relationships so maybe your brand is around one of those three things and you choose a product around that

for example, you can go to the click bank for their affiliate marketplace and, you can see that there’s a lot of different categories of things that you can you check out

here’s your health and fitness stuff here’s your wealth Eve is any marketing stuff and, then I believe me there’s some stuff for like self-help

and for relationships and, you could pick a product so for me and my stuff is making money online affiliate marketing things are like that

so, I can choose one of these products around here that will be helpful once again like I said Click Bank, is full of garbage products

but there are some that are high-quality high value that you can check out for example Commission hero right there is a very high-quality product so, you wanted to promote it.

you can do that grab your affiliate links and you’ll be good to go

Step two Make Money Online Reddit

Make Money Online Reddit

to create valuable content so, here’s the thing valuable content can be one of three things can be a blog post that can be YouTube videos and, that can be a podcast

those are your highest quality pieces of content and, your idea is to take your affiliate link and package, it within this valuable piece of content and then promote it on Reddit

because if you take the affiliate link and try to post it on Reddit you will fail

that will not work I’m just telling you upfront you have to deliver value to the marketplace first and, that’s how Reddit really is, and most of these social media sites

that’s how people are in general you’re not going to get a lot of clicks if you don’t provide value first you answer questions about, what the people are struggling with between

let’s say people want to learn how to use Facebook Ads

to like make money on Click bank, then you answer a question you do something about that in a piece of content and,

then wrap it around your product, at the end of it and that’s what you’re going to use to promote on Reddit

The next step is creating a profile on Reddit

Make Money Online Reddit

which is pretty simple and ready just go on Reddit create your profile there make a few posts here and there and, it’s really simple to do just create one, and then you’re good to go

some of the tips and tricks I’ve heard are that you can if you’re doing where you’re promoting a very specific product you can actually make the user name the main keyword of the product, that you’re trying to promote

so, then the other thing is you can also add a profile picture to your profile because that will help increase authority, on your edit profile

after that is to utilize one of two strategies in order to use Reddit as your traffic so, remember when we’ve done that with total toast our product

and around the niche that we want to promote we’ve created value of a piece of content to in case of that affiliate link, with the right

and now we would you deploy that valuable piece of content to a traffic source where are people looking for it and, that’s what Reddit is

Make Money Online Reddit

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