Pixel 6s 6Pro tensor chip let's talk

Pixel 6s 6Pro tensor chip let’s talk

All right, so today we get a bunch of officially confirm real details on the new Pixel 6s 6Pro tensor chip, let’s talk arising this year from Google.

Pixel 6s 6Pro tensor chip let’s talk

I have tons of details, So, as I said, there is a Pixel 6s 6Pro tensor chip. They’re both pretty huge phones, but the Pixel 6 Pro may be a little bigger around 6.7 inches.

it’s glossy, metal rails rather than matte black rails, and it’s slightly curved, on the edges of the screen,

it’s a 120-hertz screen rather than a flat 90 hertz on the smaller one.

And there’s also new camera hardware across both of them, with a shared primary and ultra-wide, but there’s also a replacement 4x telephoto camera on the professional.

And they have this horizontal camera bar across the entire back of the phone, side to side,

that honestly, it’s better to face to face than it does with the renders.

It quite jogs my memory of Nexus 6P which also, had a camera bar go all the way across the rear,

Pixel 6s 6Pro tensor chip let’s talk

and you’ll actually notice the metal rails on top and bottom of the camera bar are again, glossy on the professional and matte black on the non-Pro.

Both upfronts will have a hole punch selfie camera within the middle, and an almost bezel-less display,

and in fact, both run Android 12 with all the new aesthetics and Material You, and every one of those features.

So that’s nice, and that is exciting, and there are a bunch more details to debate closer to launch.

Things just like the exact battery size, the screen resolution, and in fact, prices.

Pixel 6s 6Pro tensor chip let’s talk

New Custom Design of Pixel6

One thing I would like to speak about that’s across both of those phones is that the new custom design silicon,

which will be in both of them is called Google Tensor. So, this was rumored for a touch bit.

You know, Pixel phones for years had been employing a sort of Snapdragon chips from Qualcomm, whatever’s available, a bit like every other high-end Android phone.

But it had been rumored that brewing within the background was this, Whitechapel project of Google,

designing their own silicon to eventually enter the Pixel phone. This clothed to be true.

Pixel 6s 6Pro tensor chip let’s talk

So, there are a few different benefits to the present, and it isn’t even a replacement idea completely.

Apple designs all of the semiconductors in its iPhones, but Huawei manufactures Kirin chips, and Samsung manufactures Axions chips.

This is a thing that’s been happening.

And small bits of proprietary silicon have previously been found within Pixel phones.

Pixel 6s 6Pro tensor chip let’s talk

Signal Processor Pixel6

They also possessed the Titan M security chip, as well as a unique picture signal processor, called the Pixel Visual Core and then Pixel Neural Core.

But the fact that this entire chip, this entire phone, is got power, by a single Tensor chip is a huge deal.

I think it’s particularly important for the Pixel line specifically due to what proportion Google, does with the software optimization process,

and that I think we’re getting to see tons of massive changes here.

Pixel 6s 6Pro tensor chip let’s talk

Pixel6 Camera

So, let’s start with the most important, most blatant place which is in their cameras.

We all know by now that Pixels have had specialized photo quality, specifically,

for a few years now, and that is due to their awesome software and computational photography.

Pixel 6s 6Pro tensor chip let’s talk
Video Quality of Pixel 6s 6Pro tensor chip let’s talk

However, the video quality has always been mediocre, nothing out of the ordinary from the Pixel. So, on the Pixel 6,

Google presented me with a comparison with the Pixel 6, and so the iPhone 12, and thus the Pixel 5.

And, this is often a really, handcrafted, tailored comparison to point out the simplest thing that they will do,

but they’re basically taking all those computational photography chops and applying them to video because Tensor enables that now.

And it had been really impressive what I used to be ready to see.

The HDR, that is the noise reduction, the stabilization, all of that smarts in video now too.

Also, you know, Pixel cameras have always been great, but since Pixel 2, they’ve basically been using an equivalent quite small at now, sensor.

Because they have it so dialed with their algorithms, they will improve the glass

and, the Iris opening per annum, but generally, it has been an equivalent sensor, And I believe they were hesitant to change it

because why switch to a new, massive 50-megapixel sensor if, you don’t have the computational photography chops to back it up?

Pixel 6s 6Pro tensor chip let’s talk

Sensor with Pixels6s 6Pro tensor chip

So, they’ve just been sticking with an equivalent sensor, but this year with Pixel 6, it’s all-new sensors, big new sensors.

And I’m really curious to ascertain what quite results we’re getting to get with Tensor and, therefore the image processing on these big, new sensors.

Pixel 6s 6Pro tensor chip let’s talk

Speech Recognition

Now, another benefit, and therefore the other kind of main pillar one that Google has lectured me about

was speech recognition.

And basically, having the power to undertake the utmost amount of this as possible on the device as efficiently and, quickly as possible.

We all know Google Assistant is extremely important to them, which I exploit Assistant all the time,

so, I’m happy to concentrate on the present. But yeah, just being as dedicated as possible by literally giving parts of the Tensor chip

the only purpose of decoding speech into text, and making things like Assistant way faster.

And speaking of power, I feel battery life is another thing to remain an eye fixed on with the Tensor contribute Pixel 6.

Pixel 6s 6Pro tensor chip let’s talk

Battery Life of Pixel 6s 6Pro tensor chip

As a result, I don’t have any official battery size information. I’ll put them on the screen here if, I buy them from them, but the point is,

do I remember when Macs went from Intel design chips to Apple-design M1 chips and battery life was literally double?

That’s thanks to optimization and efficiency. I’m not saying we’re going to get

that insane level of gains here. They’re still both, ARM-based.

Tensor and Qualcomm chips are both, ARM-based, therefore they have the same architecture.

But we are now approaching the same level of vertical integration that Apple has had with those Macs, so maybe it’ll be slightly better.

I think the streamlining of power and efficiency with Tensor chips should bring a much better battery experience.

Pixel 6s 6Pro tensor chip let’s talk

Pixel6 Android 12

But then on top of all that, now we’d like to believe Android generally, Google makes Android, they’re going to optimize for everything,

but also now they’re going to offer for much longer software updates. for much longer than other Android phones.

As of immediately, technically, Android phones offer software updates as long as Qualcomm also officially supports those updates.

So, typically you’ll get something like three years, which is sweet. But now that they control the entire stack,

they’re going to optimize Android for as a couple of years as possible, which they need to.

They want to optimize Android for as long as possible to continue supplying you with updates,

cause they have to remain you thereon phone.

Pixel 6s 6Pro tensor chip let’s talk

Apple iPhone and Pixel6

I desire we’ve seen this sort of from the other side, from the iPhone.

Apple has made plenty of cash from selling iPhones for a real while. But that’s catch up slightly,

and now people are keeping their iPhones longer than ever,

So, Apple realizes they have to make, the utmost amount of cash from the person thereupon iPhone during the life cycle of that phone as possible.

So, you’ve seen them enter services.

Apple TV, Apple News, of those services you’ll buy and pay monthly, then that iPhone that you simply have for an extended time will make Apple plenty of cash.

As a result, Google already makes the majority of its money from ad services such as Gmail and Google Search, as well as Google Assistant.

And so now, Tensor just enables them the facility to make sure way longer software updates

to keep you using that device way longer a bit like the iPhone.

Now, if you really want to travel into the weeds, I feel this might even have an impression on pricing.

At least internally, I don’t want to urge too crazy with it. But Google has had to bargain with Qualcomm to urge a specific price for,

specific order size for a specific number of chips.

But then, Samsung might come along and place kind of how bigger order which could affect the supply of certain chips,

and thus the entire supply chain’s out of their control.

So, with Tensor, it’s better for Google to possess more control over this. But, obviously…

Maybe not obviously, but Qualcomm possesses to bargain with their foundry and acquire certain prices,

and eventually upsell to OEMs like Google.

Pixel 6s 6Pro tensor chip let’s talk


So, ablation that middle man of Qualcomm can actually save them money, and make the price overall lower, especially at scale.

which I don’t know, this would possibly not get a pass right down to the user at any point, maybe they’ll use those savings for something else,

but it’s just one more advantage to this.

But you’re aware of something else that just occurred to you. This could be the start of Google’s ecosystem-wide silicon initiative.

You know, the same way, I keep going back to Apple’s example,

but the same way that the M1 chip we’ve talked such, tons about is actually a scaled-up version of the A14,

I desire there could be a scaled-up or scaled-down version of Tensor in Google’s future.

Smart Speaker Smart Display

Maybe a scaled-down version for a Pixel Watch someday, or a scaled-up version for a Chromebook,

or really the opposite device, or a wise Speaker,

or something like that, or a wise Display, which may just add up to happen down the road.

So, yeah, which is also sensible for future parity because now, you know, the same reason the M1 Macs have better webcam quality than the opposite

Mac ever is because they’re using the same image processing due to the iPhone.

So, for all of this, I assume what I’m trying to say here is, that the primary generation of Tensor chip

we’re on the brink of seeing within the Pixel goes to be really interesting to determine what it unlocks, to determine, how it performs.

Obviously in regular day-to-day, people are becoming to benchmark it and, everybody that fun stuff,

but to determine what kind of stuff it really unlocks for the Pixel now then in future generations too.

So, something to remain an eye fixed on. If you’d wish to ascertain my full video on Android 12 and,

each one of the features that are already coming to the Pixel when this phone comes out later this year,

Pixel 6s 6Pro tensor chip let's talk
Pixel 6s 6Pro tensor chip let’s talk

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