Post Karma Reddit Meaning

Post Karma Reddit Meaning

Today I will be talking about Post Karma Reddit Meaning and, why it is important to have some I’ll tell you how you can increase your karma so that your posts can enjoy a much broader audience

Today I will teach you how you can station yourself to be in the best position, possible to be able to use the Reddit traffic

to be honest it’s really easy and it’s no big problem to get it

so first I would like to explain why we’re going to need karma and why we needed it because, if we have better karma, we’re going to have more authority

and if we have more authority more people can see the stuff that we are posting so let’s say my

the profile is right now on 0 Reddit karma and, or post karma and what that means is if I post something not as many people are going to see it

so basically, the profile that has more Karma, or let’s say a thousand post-Karma is going to get a much broader audience than a profile

that’s just starting out because Reddit doesn’t really trust that profile that much, and, like most sites out there that use points

the guy that has more points has a lot more authority in the eyes of the website or the company or, it doesn’t matter it just means that you’re going to get more people to see the stuff that you’re posting which is really cool

Post Karma Reddit Meaning

Types of Reddit Karma

Post Karma Reddit Meaning

so in the past on Reddit there wasn’t this post karma thing there was this link karma and, text post-Karma and now

they’re basically combined into the same thing to make post karma and, the reasons that are because Reddit really became popular because of the text posts, and in the past, these text posts didn’t bring karma

so, let’s say I post something and, there are two ways in which you can post something on Reddit you can either post a link to something and link out to something

let’s say an image or you can write a text post and people can vote on that but, what’s going to happen is you’re only going to get karma if people vote on the link

that used to happen in the past you will even if a thousand even if a million people voted

on your text post, you still wouldn’t get any karma on that post

on your post, you would want to get Karma for your profile to use later and, it’s really good to have this karma

because you can really go in between the lines in some places and not get into

too much trouble if you’re doing some shady

so now these days these two are combined and, the reason for that is because Reddit really became popular because of these text posts they are really some iconic

let’s say text posts on Reddit and, they decided that they should bring back the Karma for these textbooks now there’s another form of karma

and that is the common Karma which has nothing to do with this one and, that is when you comment on some topic or comment on some post and people of both your comments

in order to get that comment karma what you need to do is go to the hottest posts where they’re active people and, what you’re going to do is write in something witty something helpful or on

your posts you’re going to help out people or do like that and that’s basically going to bring you karma

How to get the actual post Karma

Post Karma Reddit Meaning

how do I do it now it’s really simple you can either do two things and, it’s kind of stupid that it works this way

but it’s too easy you can either repost something because Reddit lives off of these reposts and Redditors love them

or you can have yourself funny image like let’s say I got my uploads from this one and what happened is I posted this and, something important you need to know is when you’re posting

something doesn’t do it in a way that you post it

what I did I posted a funny image and, these funny images really work I found one image

I posted it on this website which is an authority of a website and what happens is if I got this image and, I posted this image on my website and then post it on Reddit I want to get the result

basically in a way self-promotion so, what wants to see is you have the authority of websites here

so what I did I found the image I posted it on its website and look at this it’s too simple it’s, the dizziest way in which you can get the Reddit Karma

it’s really simple you just post these funny images and, it works so that’s much those are my tips for you if you want to get the common karma to go to active sub Reddit help out there or be witty there

if you want to get the post karma you can either write really top provocative posts text posts, but that’s not the best way

That I would recommend but what I do recommend is actually just getting up from the image uploading it to the affirmative website and, up through uploading it to a popular submit it that

is active what’s going to happen is you’re going to get tons of uploads and, you’re going to get a lot of karma, and just so you know about the power of Reddit

this is my thought on Post Karma Reddit Meaning

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