The 5 Worst Ways to Promote your YouTube Channel

The 5 Worst Ways to Promote your YouTube Channel

Let’s start discussing The 5 Worst Ways to Promote your YouTube Channel One of the worst things a YouTuber, can do is promote their channel the wrong way,

This prevents their videos from getting suggested by youtube’s algorithm and getting put on the homepage and,

Even if they do get subscribers, this way eventually they’ll lose those subscribers or YouTube just won’t show them your videos

Because those people are never interested in your content these are the mistakes that are so important to know because,

If you do any of these YouTube will never promote your channel which basically means that you’ll never grow on the platform, you’ll just keep waking up day after day with the same exact results.

The 5 Worst Ways to Promote your YouTube Channel

1. Promoting on Facebook Instagram or any other social media platform

The 5 Worst Ways to Promote your YouTube Channel

This is the number one reason why it’s taking you so, long to get your first 100 or 1 000 subscribers and,

Usually, the biggest common mistake in The 5 Worst Ways to Promote your YouTube Channel is that new creators make is that they go on these platforms and,

They promote their videos to their friends and, their family and they think that as long as they just get viewers on their videos,

Then that will naturally grow their channel over time and this is just a huge mistake

Because those people will not grow your channel, I don’t care how big of a fan your mom is of your channel,

If you go and try to promote your channel to her and she’s not in your target audience then you are literally crippling your growth at the beginning of your channel.

let me explain a little bit more in detail basically, when you’re first starting a YouTube channel YouTube is trying to gather as much data on your channel,

As possible they’re trying to figure out exactly who is your target audience who is the best viewer for, your videos in particular and,

Also, they’re trying to basically find out what niche are you in so if you’re promoting your videos out on these other platforms and,

You’re bringing in people of all different target audiences and, it’s not the target audience you’re going after YouTube will have no idea how to promote your videos on their platform and,

That’s why you’re not getting any more subscribers or any views on your videos.

YouTube simply just has no idea who to show your videos to it’s just as bad as uploading a bunch of random content a lot of creators, as well think well if I just upload videos on my channel then,

The 5 Worst Ways to Promote your YouTube Channel

I’ll grow naturally right well not really if you’re just uploading a bunch of random videos it’s the exact same thing, you’re literally just going after a bunch of different target audiences and youtube’s like,

I have no idea who to show this video towards because I can’t see a consistent target audience throughout all these videos, notice this as well on Facebook groups especially,

When people are first starting to promote their channel and this is something that I was guilty of as well when I first started my first channel I would go onto, these Facebook groups, and I would literally just drop my link and,

Just leave it there and I would expect people to go and, click on the link because it was a group that had my certain target audience and,

I would just expect them to go and, click on the link and watch my video and subscribe to my channel because they had that same interest.

But it’s not that simple that’s basically just spamming to a group and it’s like going to a party and,

Basically, handing out your business card to every single person without trying to give any interaction with them or anything like that

That is the worst way to possibly grow because people are just going to look at you as a spammer and nobody is going to want to watch your videos,

Or even help you out instead you have to go into these Facebook groups and try to build a relationship with these people in this group, instead of just trying to promote your own video so,

I would say for at least one to two weeks trying to go in there and interact with people’s posts try to make friends within, the group and then after a week or two of doing that then go in there and try to talk to the admins of that group and say,

Hey, I’d like to promote one of my videos, I just started a brand-new YouTube channel I think everybody in this group would really enjoy it and,

If you’ve been interacting with that group and that admin has seen you do this time and, time again on that group then that just means that they’re more likely to say yes to you, and then,

You’ll be able to promote your channel and a lot of people that have come to know you over those last couple of weeks basically, they’ll try to support your channel and that’s how you can grow organically by promoting your channel.

The 5 Worst Ways to Promote your YouTube Channel

2. Promotion mistake number 2 is (sub4sub)

The 5 Worst Ways to Promote your YouTube Channel

I know this one can be a little annoying because, we talk about this all the time but seriously, I’m just really surprised that this is still happening in 2021.

I’m still really surprised to go on certain channels and see that people are commenting sub4sub, within different comment sections I even see it within my own community and also,

I can even go on Facebook and, I see that there is a sub for sub groups on there still and people still haven’t understood that,

This is going to destroy their YouTube channel and of course, I explained exactly why that is in a lot of my different videos but just to give a quick summary of it

Because I don’t want to reiterate myself too many times basically all these people are literally just as good as fake accounts or, just a bunch of bots,

Because they’re never really going to watch and support your channel instead, they’re only there for the benefit of their own channel they just want you to go and, subscribe to their channel

So they can boost up those vanity metrics and also they just want you to regularly watch their videos and,

If you’re not doing that because you’re not taking interest in their content most likely then, they’re not going to do the same thing for your promotion mistake.

The 5 Worst Ways to Promote your YouTube Channel

3. Buying paid promotion for your channel

The 5 Worst Ways to Promote your YouTube Channel

Nowadays you can see a couple of advertisements of these different promotion groups that are basically, saying that if you pay them then,

They’ll be able to promote your channel and, I have to say that there are companies out there like spritzy and other ones as well and,

I’m not really trying to call anybody out but, I kind of am at the same time don’t use any of these companies what they’re trying to do is,

They’re trying to run ads on your videos basically, they’re just putting out a bunch of ads to a bunch of people and they may be in your target audience.

However, I personally have seen whenever a channel is running ads on their channel

And, they’re trying to promote that way usually they’re not really getting that organic audience and they’re not building any trust with any audiences instead it’s really just all paid promotion, and most of the time.

I just find that that never really works yes a couple of videos might get a lot of views and, you may get a lot of subscribers,

But, the same thing is going to happen just like all those other things basically these people are just like why did I subscribe to this person again basically,

These people are just like I don’t really know this person honestly I just kind of subscribe to them,

Because they help me with one certain problem and they don’t really have that trust factor with you they don’t build a connection with you so, they can decide that they’re going to unsubscribe from your channel.

I actually proved this right here literally I went through and, I decided I’m going to go and buy a bunch of YouTube promotions,

I’m going to buy subscribers and I basically say exactly what happens to channels when they do this especially when you don’t have a ton of money and you only have probably like forty dollars or maybe a hundred dollars to put into this,

You’re getting a lot of views on a couple of videos but then when you go and post another video, you’re basically not getting any views at all because all these people they’re either fake bots,

Which a lot of these programs do or they were just a bunch of subscribers that don’t really know you and, honestly they just didn’t really like your content at all,

So that’s what makes them not want to watch any more of your videos not only this but also there’s a huge problem, with the content creator that’s promoting their channel this way as well is that you’re not learning exactly,

How to catch the attention of your viewers so maybe you’re not the best at making thumbnails or, maybe you’re just not making eye-catching, thumbnails that you know your target audience is going to click on or maybe,

they’re just not the best titles or maybe your video content just doesn’t keep the viewer engaged at all

These things really do matter and if you think that if you’re just going to pay for this promotion and,

You don’t need to learn any of that stuff and, you’re just going to get organic growth once you get a bunch of subscribers on your channel that’s not how it works.

YouTube really just doesn’t care about the amount of subscribers that you have on your channel, what they really care about is can you get the attention of your target audience and can you keep them watching your videos.

If you can’t do that then that means that you’re not going to grow and I don’t care how many subscribers you have on your channel, it’s just like that saying basically giving someone a fish versus teaching that person how to fish if you give that person a fish,

They’re going to be coming back for more fish because, they have no idea how to get their own instead you want to teach them how to fish so,

They can go do it themselves and that’s exactly why paid promotion usually never works.

The 5 Worst Ways to Promote your YouTube Channel

Promotion mistake number four in The 5 Worst Ways to Promote your YouTube Channel

4.  Collaborations and shout outs

I know what a lot of you guys are going to say right now is that wait I thought collaborations and shout outs were good things and, generally they are if you have the right intention with this and,

You’re going after people that have the exact same target audience like you and have the exact same niche, as you however what I see a lot of the time specifically with shout outs is that people go into maybe different live streams or just comment sections and,

They go to any channel that has more subscribers, than them and they basically say they can you shout out my channel,

I need views on my videos now what do you think most of those content creators are going to say they’re going, to be like no I’m not shouting out your channel we literally have nothing in common and you’re just looking for free promotion and honestly that’s just kind of gross.

The 5 Worst Ways to Promote your YouTube Channel

Because you’re literally just trying to use them because of all the subscribers and views they have you do not care about them as a person and,

I personally just think that’s a horrible thing to do to somebody most of the time I really just don’t think shout outs work all that well so, my personal advice with this is just never go after specific shutouts or anything like that however when it comes to collaborations,

I think a really bad thing that people do is that they only look at the channels because of the views that they get on their videos and the subscribers they have and small content creators are only thinking about that and,

They’re not thinking about how they could instead build a relationship long term with that other content creator and, I know that may seem lame and that may be dumb but that’s the main reason you want to collaborate with somebody is building future relationships with them so,

You can have future partnerships while you both grow in the future you don’t want to just collaborate with somebody once so, you can get just some views and,

Subscribers off that because that’s not the real benefit to it instead there are just different benefits that you can get from collaborating with somebody other than the views and, subscribers and I think that’s something that you really need to think about because on my old channel.

when I was blowing up and a lot of my videos were getting millions of views I saw that a lot of people wanted to collaborate, my channel which was great.

The 5 Worst Ways to Promote your YouTube Channel

Promotion mistake number five in The 5 Worst Ways to Promote your YouTube Channel
5.  YouTube comment sections

The 5 Worst Ways to Promote your YouTube Channel

Out of all the mistakes that we have talked about so far, this one is by far the most annoying this strictly happens on my channel and, I know a lot of different people within my niche the YouTube growth niche

I know that this happens on their channels as well and people will literally just go in especially the content complainers, they’ll just complain that they’re not growing on their YouTube channel and,

They don’t know what’s wrong even though most of them usually just don’t even have any content posted on their channel, or they literally have content on there but they’re not targeting any niche or they’re just not self-aware of their own content

They don’t realize that YouTube isn’t promoting your videos because no one is clicking on your videos and,

Nobody watches your videos all the way through at least even halfway through basically most of the people that watch their videos watch probably about 30 seconds to a minute, into their videos and

Then they click off because they’re not getting any value out of their videos they’re just not self-aware at all so,

What do they decide to do if they’re not getting any views that way well they decide that they’re going to go into comment sections like mine, or a bunch of different comment sections and,

They’re literally going to spam the comment section with a sub for a sub or, begging for subscribers a bunch of different things and,

they’re literally just looking for promotion from specific YouTubers thank god for the YouTube spam folder because a lot of these different creators literally just get put in a folder and,

They don’t even know it whenever they say like sub4sub or can you promote my channel or can you subscribe to my channel, go watch my videos whatever they literally get put in a folder and,

I literally just go in there and I block all of them from commenting on my videos because they’re literally just harassing this community if they think that, they can just get away with literally going into a comment section every single video and they think they’re going to promote their channel, that way it’s just not going to happen.

I’m personally trying to grow a community of people that actually want to take this seriously on YouTube and, they want to grow their channels.

So try to avoid The 5 Worst Ways to Promote your YouTube Channel.

The 5 Worst Ways to Promote your YouTube Channel

The 5 Worst Ways to Promote your YouTube Channel
The 5 Worst Ways to Promote your YouTube Channel

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